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    • Adjustment of forest ecosystem root respiration as temperature warms 

      Burton, Andrew J.; Melillo, Jerry M.; Frey, Serita D. (2008-06)
      Adjustment of ecosystem root respiration to warmer climatic conditions can alter the autotrophic portion of soil respiration and influence the amount of carbon available for biomass production. We examined 44 published ...
    • Root standing crop and chemistry after six years of soil warming in a temperate forest 

      Zhou, Yumei; Tang, Jianwu; Melillo, Jerry M.; Butler, Sarah M.; Mohan, Jacqueline E. (2010-02)
      Examining the responses of root standing crop (biomass and necromass) and chemistry to soil warming is crucial for understanding root dynamics and functioning in the face of global climate change. We assessed the standing ...