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    • Estimating uncertainty in ecosystem budget calculations 

      Yanai, Ruth D.; Battles, John J.; Richardson, Andrew D.; Blodgett, Corrie A.; Wood, Dustin M.; Rastetter, Edward B. (Springer, 2010-02-25)
      Ecosystem nutrient budgets often report values for pools and fluxes without any indication of uncertainty, which makes it difficult to evaluate the significance of findings or make comparisons across systems. We present ...
    • Steeper declines in forest photosynthesis than respiration explain age-driven decreases in forest growth 

      Tang, Jianwu; Luyssaert, Sebastiaan; Richardson, Andrew D.; Kutsch, Werner; Janssens, Ivan A. (2014-04)
      The traditional view of forest dynamics originated by Kira, Shidei, and Odum suggests a decline in net primary productivity (NPP) in ageing forests due to stabilized gross primary productivity (GPP) and continuously increased ...