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    • Aggregate measures of ecosystem services : can we take the pulse of nature? 

      Meyerson, Laura A.; Baron, Jill; Melillo, Jerry M.; Naiman, Robert J.; O'Malley, Robin I.; Orians, Gordon; Palmer, Margaret A.; Pfaff, Alexander S. P.; Running, Steven W.; Sala, Osvaldo E. (Ecological Society of America, 2005-02)
      National scale aggregate indicators of ecosystem services are useful for stimulating and supporting a broad public discussion about trends in the provision of these services. There are important considerations involved in ...
    • Fate of nitrogen in riparian forest soils and trees : an N-15 tracer study simulating salmon decay 

      Drake, Deanne C.; Naiman, Robert J.; Bechtold, J. Scott (2005-05-23)
      We introduced a 15N-NH4+ tracer to the riparian forest of a salmon-bearing stream (Kennedy Creek, Washington, USA) to quantify the cycling and fate of a late-season pulse of salmon-N, and, ultimately, mechanisms regulating ...