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    • Salt marsh ecosystem biogeochemical responses to nutrient enrichment : a paired 15N tracer study 

      Drake, Deanne C.; Peterson, Bruce J.; Galvan, Kari A.; Deegan, Linda A.; Hopkinson, Charles S.; Johnson, J. Michael; Koop-Jakobsen, K.; LeMay, Lynsey E.; Picard, Christian (Ecological Society of America, 2009-09)
      We compared processing and fate of dissolved NO3− in two New England salt marsh ecosystems, one receiving natural flood tide concentrations of 1–4 μmol NO3−/L and the other receiving experimentally fertilized flood tides ...
    • Susceptibility of salt marshes to nutrient enrichment and predator removal 

      Deegan, Linda A.; Bowen, Jennifer L.; Drake, Deanne C.; Fleeger, John W.; Friedrichs, Carl T.; Galvan, Kari A.; Hobbie, John E.; Hopkinson, Charles S.; Johnson, J. Michael; Johnson, David S.; LeMay, Lynsey E.; Miller, Erin; Peterson, Bruce J.; Picard, Christian; Sheldon, Sallie; Sutherland, Michael; Vallino, Joseph J.; Warren, R. Scott (2006-03-15)
      The sustainability of coastal ecosystems in the face of widespread environmental change is an issue of pressing concern throughout the world (Emeis et al. 2001). Coastal ecosystems form a dynamic interface between terrestrial ...