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    • Marsh-atmosphere CO2 exchange in a New England salt marsh 

      Forbrich, Inke; Giblin, Anne E. (John Wiley & Sons, 2015-09-29)
      We studied marsh-atmosphere exchange of carbon dioxide in a high marsh dominated salt marsh during the months of May to October in 2012–2014. Tidal inundation at the site occurred only during biweekly spring tides, during ...
    • Processing arctic eddy-flux data using a simple carbon-exchange model embedded in the ensemble Kalman filter 

      Rastetter, Edward B.; Williams, Mathew; Griffin, Kevin L.; Kwiatkowski, Bonnie L.; Tomasky, Gabrielle; Potosnak, Mark J.; Stoy, Paul C.; Shaver, Gaius R.; Stieglitz, Marc; Hobbie, John E.; Kling, George W. (Ecological Society of America, 2010-07)
      Continuous time-series estimates of net ecosystem carbon exchange (NEE) are routinely made using eddy covariance techniques. Identifying and compensating for errors in the NEE time series can be automated using a signal ...
    • Seasonal patterns of carbon dioxide and water fluxes in three representative tundra ecosystems in northern Alaska 

      Euskirchen, E. S.; Bret-Harte, M. Syndonia; Scott, G. J.; Edgar, C.; Shaver, Gaius R. (Ecological Society of America, 2012-01-19)
      Understanding the carbon dioxide and water fluxes in the Arctic is essential for accurate assessment and prediction of the responses of these ecosystems to climate change. In the Arctic, there have been relatively few ...