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    • Linking ecology and economics for ecosystem management 

      Farber, Stephen; Costanza, Robert; Childers, Daniel L.; Erickson, Jon; Gross, Katherine; Grove, J. Morgan; Hopkinson, Charles S.; Kahn, James; Pincetl, Stephanie; Troy, Austin; Warren, Paige; Wilson, Matthew (American Institute of Biological Sciences, 2006-02)
      This article outlines an approach, based on ecosystem services, for assessing the trade-offs inherent in managing humans embedded in ecological systems. Evaluating these trade-offs requires an understanding of the biophysical ...
    • Microbial services : challenges for microbial ecologists in a changing world 

      Ducklow, Hugh W. (Inter-Research, 2008-09-18)
      Bacteria, archaea and other microbes have dominated most biogeochemical processes on Earth for >99% of the history of life, but within the past few decades anthropogenic activity has usurped their dominance. Human activity ...