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    • Global economic effects of changes in crops, pasture, and forests due to changing climate, carbon dioxide, and ozone 

      Reilly, John M.; Paltsev, S.; Felzer, Benjamin S.; Wang, X.; Kicklighter, David W.; Melillo, Jerry M.; Prinn, Ronald G.; Sarofim, Marcus C.; Sokolov, Andrei P.; Wang, C. (2006-01)
      Multiple environmental changes will have consequences for global vegetation. To the extent that crop yields and pasture and forest productivity are affected there can be important economic consequences. We examine the ...
    • Regional differences in phosphorus budgets in intensive soybean agriculture 

      Riskin, Shelby H.; Porder, Stephen; Schipanski, Meagan E.; Bennett, Elena M.; Neill, Christopher (University of California Press, 2013-01)
      Fertilizer-intensive agriculture has been integral to increasing food production over the past half century but has been accompanied by environmental costs. We use case studies of phosphorus fertilizer use in the world’s ...
    • Structure and composition of altered riparian forests in an agricultural Amazonian landscape 

      Nagy, R. Chelsea; Porder, Stephen; Neill, Christopher; Brando, Paulo; Quintino, Raimundo Mota; do Nascimento, Sebastiao Aviz (Ecological Society of America, 2015-09)
      Deforestation and fragmentation influence the microclimate, vegetation structure, and composition of remaining patches of tropical forest. In the southern Amazon, at the frontier of cropland expansion, forests are converted ...