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    • The effect of alkylphenols on lobster shell hardening 

      Laufer, Hans; Chen, Ming; Johnson, Michael; Demir, Neslihan; Bobbitt, James M. (National Shellfisheries Association, 2012-06)
      Alkylphenols, anthropogenic estrogenic endocrine disruptors in vertebrates, have been found in lobsters (Homarus americanus) in New England sites. We hypothesize that alkylphenols interfere in the shell hardening during ...
    • Endocrine-disrupting alkylphenols are widespread in the blood of lobsters from southern New England and adjacent offshore areas 

      Jacobs, Molly W.; Laufer, Hans; Stuart, James; Chen, Ming; Pan, Xuejun (National Shellfisheries Association, 2012-06)
      Endocrine-disrupting pollutants in rivers and oceans represent a poorly understood but potentially serious threat to the integrity of aquatic and coastal ecosystems. We surveyed the hemolymph of lobsters from across southern ...
    • Response of the American lobster to the stress of shell disease 

      Laufer, Hans; Demir, Neslihan; Biggers, William J. (National Shellfisheries Association, 2005-10)
      Shell disease is a problem affecting lobsters in eastern Long Island Sound causing disfiguration of the shell, decreasing the lobsters' value, and whereas mild and medium levels of the disease are not lethal, ultimately, ...