Scores of distinguished biologists from around the world come to the MBL to collaborate and conduct research. They use marine and other organisms as model systems for their research.

These researchers participate in a number of established MBL groups including but not limited to:

  • MBL Summer Research Fellows
  • Dart Scholars
  • Grass Faculty Awardees
  • NeuroImaging Cluster
  • Grass Fellows
  • Whitman Center

Recent Submissions

  • Farm-waste-derived recyclable photothermal evaporator 

    Tian, Yanpei; Liu, Xiaojie; Li, Jiansheng; Deng, Yichen; DeGiorgis, Joseph A.; Zhou, Shiyu; Caratenuto, Andrew; Minus, Marilyn L.; Wan, Yinsheng; Xiao, Gang; Zheng, Yi (Cell Press, 2021-08-20)
    Interfacial solar steam generation is emerging as a promising technique for efficient desalination. Although increasing efforts have been made, challenges exist for achieving a balance among a plethora of performance ...
  • Soil carbon consequences of historic hydrologic impairment and recent restoration in coastal wetlands 

    Eagle, Meagan; Kroeger, Kevin D.; Spivak, Amanda C.; Wang, Faming; Tang, Jianwu; Abdul-Aziz, Omar I.; Ishtiaq, Khandker S.; O'Keefe Suttles, Jennifer A.; Mann, Adrian G. (Association for the Sciences of Limnology and Oceanography, 2022-08-06)
    Coastal wetlands provide key ecosystem services, including substantial long-term storage of atmospheric CO2 in soil organic carbon pools. This accumulation of soil organic matter is a vital component of elevation gain in ...
  • Gill developmental program in the teleost mandibular arch 

    Thiruppathy, Mathi; Fabian, Peter; Gillis, J. Andrew; Crump, J. Gage (eLife Sciences Publications, 2022-06-28)
    Whereas no known living vertebrate possesses gills derived from the jaw-forming mandibular arch, it has been proposed that the jaw arose through modifications of an ancestral mandibular gill. Here, we show that the zebrafish ...
  • The pseudobranch of jawed vertebrates is a mandibular arch-derived gill 

    Hirschberger, Christine; Gillis, J. Andrew (The Company of Biologists, 2022-07-11)
    The pseudobranch is a gill-like epithelial elaboration that sits behind the jaw of most fishes. This structure was classically regarded as a vestige of the ancestral gill arch-like condition of the gnathostome jaw. However, ...
  • Phytoplankton surveys in the Arctic Fram Strait demonstrate the tiny eukaryotic alga Micromonas and other picoprasinophytes contribute to deep sea export 

    Bachy, Charles; Sudek, Lisa; Choi, Chang Jae; Eckmann, Charlotte A.; Nöthig, Eva-Maria; Metfies, Katja; Worden, Alexandra Z. (MDPI, 2022-05-03)
    Critical questions exist regarding the abundance and, especially, the export of picophytoplankton (≤2 µm diameter) in the Arctic. These organisms can dominate chlorophyll concentrations in Arctic regions, which are subject ...
  • Inflammasome activation in neutrophils of patients with severe COVID-19 

    Aymonnier, Karen; Ng, Julie; Fredenburgh, Laura E.; Zambrano-Vera, Katherin; Münzer, Patrick; Gutch, Sarah; Fukui, Shoichi; Desjardins, Michael; Subramaniam, Meera; Baron, Rebecca M.; Raby, Benjamin A.; Perrella, Mark A.; Lederer, James A.; Wagner, Denisa D. (American Society of Hematology, 2022-04-12)
    Infection by the severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2) engages the inflammasome in monocytes and macrophages and leads to the cytokine storm in COVID-19. Neutrophils, the most abundant leukocytes, ...
  • Yeast cell death pathway requiring AP-3 vesicle trafficking leads to vacuole/lysosome membrane permeabilization 

    Stolp, Zachary D.; Kulkarni, Madhura; Liu, Yining; Zhu, Chengzhang; Jalisi, Alizay; Lin, Si; Casadevall, Arturo; Cunningham, Kyle W.; Pineda, Fernando J.; Teng, Xinchen; Hardwick, J. Marie (Cell Press, 2022-04-13)
    Unicellular eukaryotes have been suggested as undergoing self-inflicted destruction. However, molecular details are sparse compared with the mechanisms of programmed/regulated cell death known for human cells and animal ...
  • Physical properties of the cytoplasm modulate the rates of microtubule polymerization and depolymerization 

    Molines, Arthur T.; Lemière, Joë; Gazzola, Morgan; Steinmark, Ida Emilie; Edrington, Claire H.; Hsu, Chieh-Ting; Real-Calderon, Paula; Suhling, Klaus; Goshima, Gohta; Holt, Liam J.; Thery, Manuel; Brouhard, Gary J.; Chang, Fred (Elsevier, 2022-02-28)
    The cytoplasm is a crowded, visco-elastic environment whose physical properties change according to physiological or developmental states. How the physical properties of the cytoplasm impact cellular functions in vivo ...
  • Differential adhesion regulates neurite placement via a retrograde zippering mechanism 

    Sengupta, Titas; Koonce, Noelle L.; Vázquez-Martínez, Nabor; Moyle, Mark W.; Duncan, Leighton H.; Emerson, Sarah E.; Han, Xiaofei; Shao, Lin; Wu, Yicong; Santella, Anthony; Fan, Li; Bao, Zhirong; Mohler, William A.; Shroff, Hari; Colón-Ramos, Daniel (eLife Sciences Publications, 2021-11-16)
    During development, neurites and synapses segregate into specific neighborhoods or layers within nerve bundles. The developmental programs guiding placement of neurites in specific layers, and hence their incorporation ...
  • Tracking calcium dynamics from individual neurons in behaving animals 

    Lagache, Thibault; Hanson, Alison; Pérez-Ortega, Jesús E.; Fairhall, Adrienne; Yuste, Rafael (Public Library of Science, 2021-10-08)
    Measuring the activity of neuronal populations with calcium imaging can capture emergent functional properties of neuronal circuits with single cell resolution. However, the motion of freely behaving animals, together with ...
  • TIAMMAt: leveraging biodiversity to revise protein domain models, evidence from innate immunity 

    Tassia, Michael G.; David, Kyle T.; Townsend, James P.; Halanych, Kenneth M. (Oxford University Press, 2021-08-30)
    Sequence annotation is fundamental for studying the evolution of protein families, particularly when working with nonmodel species. Given the rapid, ever-increasing number of species receiving high-quality genome sequencing, ...
  • Environmentally friendly and efficient hornet nest envelope-based photothermal absorbers 

    Xie, Lijia; Liu, Xiaojie; Caratenuto, Andrew; Tian, Yanpei; Chen, Fangqi; DeGiorgis, Joseph A.; Wan, Yinsheng; Zheng, Yi (American Chemical Society, 2021-12-07)
    Water shortage is a critical global issue that threatens human health, environmental sustainability, and the preservation of Earth’s climate. Desalination from seawater and sewage is a promising avenue for alleviating this ...
  • Hox gene expression predicts tetrapod-like axial regionalization in the skate, Leucoraja erinacea 

    Criswell, Katharine E.; Roberts, Lucy E.; Koo, Eve T.; Head, Jason J.; Gillis, J. Andrew (National Academy of Sciences, 2021-11-04)
    The axial skeleton of tetrapods is organized into distinct anteroposterior regions of the vertebral column (cervical, trunk, sacral, and caudal), and transitions between these regions are determined by colinear anterior ...
  • Imaging of dynamic actin remodeling reveals distinct behaviors of head and trunk mesoderm in gastrulating Xenopus laevis 

    Komatsu, Valerie; Doddihal, Viraj; Chang, Chenbei (Caltech Library, 2021-10-14)
    Gastrulation involves coordinated movements of cells, facilitating mesoderm and endoderm internalization and proper patterning of tissues across the germ layers. In Xenopus laevis, head mesoderm migrates collectively along ...
  • Activity-dependent Golgi satellite formation in dendrites reshapes the neuronal surface glycoproteome 

    Govind, Anitha P.; Jeyifous, Okunola; Russell, Theron A.; Yi, Zola; Weigel, Aubrey V.; Ramaprasad, Abhijit; Newell, Luke; Ramos, William; Valbuena, Fernando M.; Casler, Jason C.; Yan, Jing-Zhi; Glick, Benjamin S.; Swanson, Geoffrey T.; Lippincott-Schwartz, Jennifer; Green, William N. (eLife Sciences Publications, 2021-09-21)
    Activity-driven changes in the neuronal surface glycoproteome are known to occur with synapse formation, plasticity, and related diseases, but their mechanistic basis and significance are unclear. Here, we observed that ...
  • Frontotemporal lobar dementia mutant tau impairs axonal transport through a protein phosphatase 1γ-dependent mechanism 

    Combs, Benjamin; Christensen, Kyle R.; Richards, Collin; Kneynsberg, Andrew; Mueller, Rebecca L.; Morris, Sarah L.; Morfini, Gerardo A.; Brady, Scott T.; Kanaan, Nicholas M. (Society for Neuroscience, 2021-10-04)
    Pathologic tau modifications are characteristic of Alzheimer's disease and related dementias, but mechanisms of tau toxicity continue to be debated. Inherited mutations in tau cause early onset frontotemporal lobar dementias ...
  • Asynchronous release sites align with NMDA receptors in mouse hippocampal synapses 

    Li, Shuo; Raychaudhuri, Sumana; Lee, Stephen Alexander; Brockmann, Marisa M.; Wang, Jing; Kusick, Grant; Prater, Christine; Syed, Sarah; Falahati, Hanieh; Ramos, Raul; Bartol, Tomas M.; Hosy, Eric; Watanabe, Shigeki (Nature Research, 2021-01-29)
    Neurotransmitter is released synchronously and asynchronously following an action potential. Our recent study indicates that the release sites of these two phases are segregated within an active zone, with asynchronous ...
  • A genetically encoded tool for reconstituting synthetic modulatory neurotransmission and reconnect neural circuits in vivo 

    Hawk, Josh D.; Wisdom, Elias M.; Sengupta, Titas; Kashlan, Zane D.; Colón-Ramos, Daniel (Nature Research, 2021-08-09)
    Chemogenetic and optogenetic tools have transformed the field of neuroscience by facilitating the examination and manipulation of existing circuits. Yet, the field lacks tools that enable rational rewiring of circuits via ...
  • A cross-institutional analysis of the effects of broadening trainee professional development on research productivity 

    Brandt, Patrick D.; Sturzenegger Varvayanis, Susi; Baas, Tracey; Bolgioni, Amanda F.; Alder, Janet; Petrie, Kimberly A.; Dominguez, Isabel; Brown, Abigail M.; Stayart, C. Abigail; Singh, Harinder; Van Wart, Audra; Chow, Christine S.; Mathur, Ambika; Schreiber, Barbara M.; Fruman, David A.; Bowden, Brent; Wiesen, Christopher A.; Golightly, Yvonne M.; Holmquist, Chris E.; Arneman, Daniel; Hall, Joshua D.; Hyman, Linda E.; Gould, Kathleen L.; Chalkley, Roger; Brennwald, Patrick J.; Layton, Rebekah L. (Public Library of Science, 2021-07-15)
    PhD-trained scientists are essential contributors to the workforce in diverse employment sectors that include academia, industry, government, and nonprofit organizations. Hence, best practices for training the future ...
  • Teamwork in the viscous oceanic microscale 

    Kanso, Eva A.; Lopes, Rubens M.; Strickler, J. Rudi; Dabiri, John O.; Costello, John H. (National Academy of Sciences, 2021-07-16)
    Nutrient acquisition is crucial for oceanic microbes, and competitive solutions to solve this challenge have evolved among a range of unicellular protists. However, solitary solutions are not the only approach found in ...

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