Visiting Investigators


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Visiting Investigators


Scores of distinguished biologists from around the world come to the MBL to collaborate and conduct research. They use marine and other organisms as model systems for their research.

These researchers participate in a number of established MBL groups including but not limited to:

  • MBL Summer Research Fellows
  • Dart Scholars
  • Grass Faculty Awardees
  • NeuroImaging Cluster
  • Grass Fellows

Recent Submissions

  • Jiang, Zheng; Yang, Jinnan; Purpura, Lauren A.; Liu, Yufei; Ripps, Harris; Shen, Wen (2013-09)
    Glycine input originates with interplexiform cells, a group of neurons situated within the inner retina that transmit signals centrifugally to the distal retina. The effect on visual function of this novel mechanism is ...
  • Dabiri, John O.; Bose, Sanjeeb; Gemmell, Brad J.; Colin, Sean P.; Costello, John H. (Company of Biologists, 2013-10-10)
    We describe and characterize a method for estimating the pressure field corresponding to velocity field measurements such as those obtained by using particle image velocimetry. The pressure gradient is estimated from a ...
  • Thestrup, Thomas; Litzlbauer, Julia; Bartholomaus, Ingo; Mues, Marsilius; Russo, Luigi; Dana, Hod; Kovalchuk, Yuri; Liang, Yajie; Kalamakis, Georgios; Lauka, Yvonne; Becker, Stefan; Witte, Gregor; Geiger, Anselm; Allen, Taylor; Rome, Lawrence C.; Chen, Tsai-Wen; Kim, Douglas S.; Garaschuk, Olga; Griesinger, Christian; Griesbeck, Oliver (2013-06)
    The quality of genetically encoded calcium indicators (GECIs) has improved dramatically in recent years, but high-performing ratiometric indicators are still rare. Here we describe a series of fluorescence resonance energy ...
  • Derby, Charles D.; Tottempudi, Mihika; Love-Chezem, Tiffany; Wolfe, Lanna S. (Marine Biological Laboratory, 2013-12-01)
    Chemical and visual defenses are used by many organisms to avoid being approached or eaten by predators. An example is inking molluscs—including gastropods such as sea hares and cephalopods such as squid, cuttlefish, and ...
  • Asrican, Brent; Augustine, George J.; Berglund, Ken; Chen, Susu; Chow, Nick; Deisseroth, Karl; Feng, Guoping; Gloss, Bernd; Hira, Riichiro; Hoffmann, Carolin; Kasai, Haruo; Katarya, Malvika; Kim, Jinsook; Kudolo, John; Lee, Li Ming; Lo, Shun Qiang; Mancuso, James; Matsuzaki, Masanori; Nakajima, Ryuichi; Qiu, Li; Tan, Gregory; Tang, Yanxia; Ting, Jonathan T.; Tsuda, Sachiko; Wen, Lei; Zhang, Xuying; Zhao, Shengli (Frontiers Media, 2013-11-26)
    Here we characterize several new lines of transgenic mice useful for optogenetic analysis of brain circuit function. These mice express optogenetic probes, such as enhanced halorhodopsin or several different versions of ...