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  • Impact of phytoplankton community size on a linked global ocean optical and ecosystem model 

    Mouw, Colleen B.; Yoder, James A.; Doney, Scott C. (2011-01)
    We isolated the effect phytoplankton cell size has on varying remote sensing reflectance spectra (Rrs(λ)) in the presence of optically active constituents by using optical and radiative transfer models linked in an offline ...
  • Regional to global assessments of phytoplankton dynamics from the SeaWiFS mission 

    Siegel, David A.; Behrenfeld, Michael J.; Maritorena, S.; McClain, C. R.; Antoine, David; Bailey, S. W.; Bontempi, P. S.; Boss, Emmanuel S.; Dierssen, Heidi M.; Doney, Scott C.; Eplee, R. E.; Evans, R. H.; Feldman, G. C.; Fields, E.; Franz, B. A.; Kuring, N. A.; Mengelt, C.; Nelson, N. B.; Patt, F. S.; Robinson, W. D.; Sarmiento, Jorge L.; Swan, C. M.; Werdell, P. J.; Westberry, Toby K.; Wilding, J. G.; Yoder, James A. (Elsevier, 2013-04-20)
    Photosynthetic production of organic matter by microscopic oceanic phytoplankton fuels ocean ecosystems and contributes roughly half of the Earth's net primary production. For 13 years, the Sea-viewing Wide Field-of-view ...
  • Study of marine ecosystems and biogeochemistry now and in the future : examples of the unique contributions from space 

    Yoder, James A.; Doney, Scott C.; Siegel, David A.; Wilson, Cara (Oceanography Society, 2010-12)
    Ocean color remote sensing has profoundly influenced how oceanographers think about marine ecosystems and their variability in space and time. Satellite ocean color radiometry (OCR) provides a unique perspective for ...