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    • 14C and 13C characteristics of higher plant biomarkers in Washington margin surface sediments 

      Feng, Xiaojuan; Benitez-Nelson, Bryan C.; Montlucon, Daniel B.; Prahl, Fredrick G.; McNichol, Ann P.; Xu, Li; Repeta, Daniel J.; Eglinton, Timothy I. (2012-11-22)
      Plant wax lipids and lignin phenols are the two most common classes of molecular markers that are used to trace vascular plant-derived OM in the marine environment. However, their 13C and 14C compositions have not been ...
    • Radiocarbon dating of alkenones from marine sediments : I. Isolation protocol 

      Ohkouchi, Naohiko; Xu, Li; Reddy, Christopher M.; Montlucon, Daniel B.; Eglinton, Timothy I. (Dept. of Geosciences, University of Arizona, 2005)
      The chemical and isotopic compositions of long-chain (C36–C39) unsaturated ketones (alkenones), a unique class of algal lipids, encode surface ocean properties useful for paleoceanographic reconstruction. Recently, we ...