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    • Deciphering ocean carbon in a changing world 

      Moran, Mary Ann; Kujawinski, Elizabeth B.; Stubbins, Aron; Fatland, Rob; Aluwihare, Lihini I.; Buchan, Alison; Crump, Byron C.; Dorrestein, Pieter C.; Dyhrman, Sonya T.; Hess, Nancy J.; Howe, Bill; Longnecker, Krista; Medeiros, Patricia M.; Niggemann, Jutta; Obernosterer, Ingrid; Repeta, Daniel J.; Waldbauer, Jacob R. (2016-01-13)
      Dissolved organic matter (DOM) in the oceans is one of the largest pools of reduced carbon on Earth, comparable in size to the atmospheric CO2 reservoir. A vast number of compounds are present in DOM and they play important ...
    • Molecular biogeochemistry of modern and ancient marine microbes 

      Waldbauer, Jacob R. (Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, 2010-02)
      Biological activity has shaped the surface of the earth in numerous ways, but life’s most pervasive and persistent global impact has been the secular oxidation of the surface environment. Through primary production – the ...