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    • Inorganic carbon system dynamics in landfast Arctic sea ice during the early-melt period 

      Brown, Kristina A.; Miller, Lisa A.; Mundy, C. J.; Papakyriakou, Tim; Francois, Roger; Gosselin, Michel; Carnat, Gauthier; Swystun, Kyle; Tortell, Philippe D. (John Wiley & Sons, 2015-05-19)
      We present the results of a 6 week time series of carbonate system and stable isotope measurements investigating the effects of sea ice on air-sea CO2 exchange during the early melt period in the Canadian Arctic Archipelago. ...
    • Sea ice biogeochemistry and material transport across the frozen interface 

      Loose, Brice; Miller, Lisa A.; Elliott, Scott; Papakyriakou, Tim (Oceanography Society, 2011-09)
      The porous nature of sea ice not only provides a habitat for ice algae but also opens a pathway for exchanges of organic matter, nutrients, and gases with the seawater below and the atmosphere above. These constituents ...