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  • Friedrichs, Marjorie A. M.; Carr, Mary-Elena; Barber, Richard T.; Scardi, Michele; Antoine, David; Armstrong, Robert A.; Asanuma, Ichio; Behrenfeld, Michael J.; Buitenhuis, Erik T.; Chai, Fei; Christian, James R.; Ciotti, Aurea M.; Doney, Scott C.; Dowell, Mark; Dunne, John P.; Gentili, Bernard; Gregg, Watson; Hoepffner, Nicolas; Ishizaka, Joji; Kameda, Takahiko; Lima, Ivan D.; Marra, John; Melin, Frederic; Moore, J. Keith; Morel, Andre; O'Malley, Robert T.; O'Reilly, Jay; Saba, Vincent S.; Schmeltz, Marjorie; Smyth, Tim J.; Tjiputra, Jerry; Waters, Kirk; Westberry, Toby K.; Winguth, Arne (2008-03)
    Depth-integrated primary productivity (PP) estimates obtained from satellite ocean color based models (SatPPMs) and those generated from biogeochemical ocean general circulation models (BOGCMs) represent a key resource ...
  • Behrenfeld, Michael J.; Westberry, Toby K.; Boss, Emmanuel S.; O'Malley, Robert T.; Siegel, David A.; Wiggert, Jerry D.; Franz, B. A.; McClain, C. R.; Feldman, G. C.; Doney, Scott C.; Moore, J. Keith; Dall'Olmo, G.; Milligan, A. J.; Lima, Ivan D.; Mahowald, Natalie M. (Copernicus Publications on behalf of the European Geosciences Union, 2009-05-08)
    Phytoplankton photosynthesis links global ocean biology and climate-driven fluctuations in the physical environment. These interactions are largely expressed through changes in phytoplankton physiology, but physiological ...

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