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    • The distribution and history of nuclear weapons related contamination in sediments from the Ob River, Siberia as determined by isotopic ratios of Plutonium, Neptunium, and Cesium 

      Kenna, Timothy C. (Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, 2002-02)
      This thesis addresses the sources and transport of nuclear weapons related contamination in the Ob River region, Siberia. In addition to being one of the largest rivers flowing into the Arctic Ocean, the bulk of the ...
    • Reference material for radionuclides in sediment IAEA-384 (Fangataufa Lagoon sediment) 

      Povinec, Pavel P.; Pham, Mai Khanh; Sanchez-Cabeza, J. A.; Barci-Funel, G.; Bojanowski, R.; Boshkova, T.; Burnett, William C.; Carvalho, F.; Chapeyron, B.; Cunha, I. L.; Dahlgaard, H.; Galabov, N.; Fifield, L. K.; Gastaud, J.; Geering, J. -J.; Gomez, I. F.; Green, N.; Hamilton, T.; Ibanez, F. L.; Ibn Majah, M.; John, M.; Kanisch, G.; Kenna, Timothy C.; Kloster, M.; Korun, M.; Liong Wee Kwong, L.; La Rosa, J.; Lee, S.-H.; Levy-Palomo, I.; Malatova, M.; Maruo, Y.; Mitchell, P.; Murciano, I. V.; Nelson, Robert K.; Nouredine, A.; Oh, J.-S.; Oregioni, B.; Le Petit, G.; Pettersson, H. B. L.; Reineking, A.; Smedley, P. A.; Suckow, A.; van der Struijs, T. D. B.; Voors, P. I.; Yoshimizu, K.; Wyse, E. (2006-07-11)
      A reference material designed for the determination of anthropogenic and natural radionuclides in sediment, IAEA-384 (Fangataufa Lagoon sediment), is described and the results of certification are presented. The material ...