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    • The CLIMODE field campaign : observing the cycle of convection and restratification over the Gulf Stream 

      Marshall, John C.; Ferrari, Raffaele; Forget, G.; Maze, G.; Andersson, A.; Bates, Nicholas R.; Dewar, William K.; Doney, Scott C.; Fratantoni, David M.; Joyce, Terrence M.; Straneo, Fiamma; Toole, John M.; Weller, Robert A.; Edson, James B.; Gregg, M. C.; Kelly, Kathryn A.; Lozier, M. Susan; Palter, Jaime B.; Lumpkin, Rick; Samelson, Roger M.; Skyllingstad, Eric D.; Silverthorne, Katherine E.; Talley, Lynne D.; Thomas, Leif N. (American Meteorological Society, 2009-09)
      A major oceanographic field experiment is described, which is designed to observe, quantify, and understand the creation and dispersal of weakly stratified fluid known as “mode water” in the region of the Gulf Stream. ...