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  • Garcia, Michael O.; Caplan-Auerbach, Jackie; De Carlo, Eric H.; Kurz, Mark D.; Becker, N. (2005-09-20)
    A half century of investigations are summarized here on the youngest Hawaiian volcano, Lō`ihi Seamount. It was discovered in 1952 following an earthquake swarm. Surveying in 1954 determined it has an elongate shape, which ...
  • Wanless, V. Dorsey; Garcia, Michael O.; Trusdell, F. A.; Rhodes, J. M.; Norman, M. D.; Weis, Dominique; Fornari, Daniel J.; Kurz, Mark D.; Guillou, Herve (American Geophysical Union, 2006-05-02)
    A 2002 multibeam sonar survey of Mauna Loa’s western flank revealed ten submarine radial vents and three submarine lava flows. Only one submarine radial vent was known previously. The ages of these vents are constrained ...

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