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  • Orcutt, Beth N.; LaRowe, Douglas E.; Biddle, Jennifer F.; Colwell, Frederick S.; Glazer, Brian T.; Kiel Reese, Brandi; Kirkpatrick, John B.; Lapham, Laura L.; Mills, Heath J.; Sylvan, Jason B.; Wankel, Scott D.; Wheat, C. Geoff (Frontiers Media, 2013-07-11)
    The vast marine deep biosphere consists of microbial habitats within sediment, pore waters, upper basaltic crust and the fluids that circulate throughout it. A wide range of temperature, pressure, pH, and electron donor ...
  • Rouxel, Olivier J.; Ono, Shuhei; Alt, Jeff; Rumble, Douglas; Ludden, John (2008-01-08)
    The subsurface biosphere in the basaltic ocean crust is potentially of major importance in affecting chemical exchange between the ocean and lithosphere. Alteration of the oceanic crust commonly yields secondary pyrite ...
  • Edwards, Katrina J.; Glazer, Brian T.; Rouxel, Olivier J.; Bach, Wolfgang; Emerson, David; Toner, Brandy M.; Chan, Clara S.; Tebo, Bradley M.; Staudigel, Hubert; Moyer, Craig L. (Nature Publishing Group, 2011-05-05)
    A novel hydrothermal field has been discovered at the base of Lōihi Seamount, Hawaii, at 5000 mbsl. Geochemical analyses demonstrate that ‘FeMO Deep’, while only 0.2 °C above ambient seawater temperature, derives from a ...

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