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  • Cai, Pinghe; Dai, Minhan; Lv, Dongwei; Chen, Weifang (2005-06-09)
    The recently developed 2‐5 L small‐volume MnO2 coprecipitation method for determining 234Th in seawater has provided a new way to substantially increase, both temporally and spatially, the sampling resolution of 234Th ...
  • Dai, Minhan; Buesseler, Ken O.; Pike, Steven M. (2004-01-27)
    We examined the concentration, size distribution, redox state and isotopic composition of plutonium (Pu) in groundwater at the 100K-Area at the US Department of Energy’s (DOE) Hanford Site. Total concentrations of Pu ...
  • Rutgers van der Loeff, Michiel M.; Sarin, Manmohan M.; Baskaran, Mark; Benitez-Nelson, Claudia R.; Buesseler, Ken O.; Charette, Matthew A.; Dai, Minhan; Gustafsson, Orjan; Masque, Pere; Morris, Paul J.; Orlandini, Kent; Rodriguez y Baena, Alessia; Savoye, Nicolas; Schmidt, Sabine; Turnewitsch, Robert; Voge, Ingrid; Waples, James T. (2005-10-10)
    The short-lived thorium isotope 234Th (half-life 24.1 days) has been used as a tracer for a variety of transport processes in aquatic systems. Its use as a tracer of oceanic export via sinking particles has stimulated a ...

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