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    • Development of an autonomous aerosol sampler for ocean buoys and land sites 

      Sholkovitz, Edward R.; Allsup, Geoffrey P.; Arthur, Richard; Hosom, David S.; McKenney, Kevin (Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, 1998-01)
      The authors have successfully designed, built and tested an aerosol sampler which is capable of collecting, in an unattended manner, a time-series set of aerosol samples (aerosol-embedded filters) from moored ocean buoys ...
    • Methodology for sampling and analysis of lipids in aerosols from the remote marine atmosphere 

      Peltzer, Edward T.; Alford, Jame B.; Gagosian, Robert B. (Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, 1984-04)
      A procedure is described for the collection of remote marine aerosol samples by high-volume filtration, cascade impaction, dry fallout collection and rain. Samples were analyzed quantitatively for five classes of naturally ...
    • Rapid and gradual modes of aerosol trace metal dissolution in seawater 

      Mackey, Katherine R. M.; Chien, Chia-Te; Post, Anton F.; Saito, Mak A.; Paytan, Adina (Frontiers Media, 2015-01-21)
      Atmospheric deposition is a major source of trace metals in marine surface waters and supplies vital micronutrients to phytoplankton, yet measured aerosol trace metal solubility values are operationally defined, and there ...