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    • Intensity of Th and Pa scavenging partitioned by particle chemistry in the North Atlantic Ocean 

      Hayes, Christopher T.; Anderson, Robert F.; Fleisher, Martin Q.; Vivancos, Sebastian M.; Lam, Phoebe J.; Ohnemus, Daniel C.; Huang, Kuo-Fang; Robinson, Laura F.; Lu, Yanbin; Cheng, Hai; Edwards, R. Lawrence; Moran, S. Bradley (2015-01)
      The natural radionuclides 231Pa and 230Th are incorporated into the marine sediment record by scavenging, or adsorption to various particle types, via chemical reactions that are not fully understood. Because these ...
    • New perspectives on radium behavior within a subterranean estuary 

      Gonneea, Meagan E.; Morris, Paul J.; Dulaiova, Henrieta; Charette, Matthew A. (2007-04-02)
      Over the past decade, radium isotopes have been frequently applied as tracers of submarine groundwater discharge (SGD). The unique radium signature of SGD is acquired within the subterranean estuary, a mixing zone between ...