Marine biological diversity : report of a meeting of the Marine Biological Diversity Working Group

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Eiswerth, Mark E.
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Biological diversity
Marine biological diversity
Marine policy
Marine ecosystems
Biological resources
Marine biological resources
On August 3 - 4, 1989, the Marine Policy Center of Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution hosted the initial meeting of the Marine Biological Diversity Working Group. The formation of this working group was fostered as part of an ongoing program of research concerning the oceans and biological diversity. Participants in the working group included professionals from the fields of biology, ecology, economics, statistics, law, environmental management, and international assistance, all of whom have expressed an interest in issues surrounding the conservation of marine biological resources. The proposed goals of the working group are to initiate an ongoing interdisciplinary dialogue on the topic, to establish a mechanism for two-way transfer of theory and empirical results between natural and social science, and to serve as a resource for policymakers by providing authoritative and timely information on important issues. This report contains information about the working group and the motivations for its formation, a description of the format of the initial meeting, key points from each of the sessions, abstracts of research/issue briefings delivered at the meeting by participants, selected excerpts from group discussions, and an amended version of a draft working group statement that was introduced to the group for purpose of discussion. The appendices contain the agenda of the meeting, a list of the names and addresses of working group participants, and a list of key questions and issues submitt before the meeting by the working group.
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Eiswerth, M. E. (1990). Marine biological diversity: report of a meeting of the Marine Biological Diversity Working Group. Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution.
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