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    • Are any coastal internal tides predictable? 

      Nash, Jonathan D.; Shroyer, Emily L.; Kelly, Samuel M.; Inall, Mark E.; Duda, Timothy F.; Levine, Murray D.; Jones, Nicole L.; Musgrave, Ruth C. (The Oceanography Society, 2012-06)
      Surface tides are the heartbeat of the ocean. Because they are controlled by Earth's motion relative to other astronomical objects in our solar system, surface tides act like clockwork and generate highly deterministic ebb ...
    • The unpredictable nature of internal tides on continental shelves 

      Nash, Jonathan D.; Kelly, Samuel M.; Shroyer, Emily L.; Moum, James N.; Duda, Timothy F. (American Meteorological Society, 2012-11)
      Packets of nonlinear internal waves (NLIWs) in a small area of the Mid-Atlantic Bight were 10 times more energetic during a local neap tide than during the preceding spring tide. This counterintuitive result cannot be ...