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    • Assessment of skill and portability in regional marine biogeochemical models : role of multiple planktonic groups 

      Friedrichs, Marjorie A. M.; Dusenberry, Jeffrey A.; Anderson, Laurence A.; Armstrong, Robert A.; Chai, Fei; Christian, James R.; Doney, Scott C.; Dunne, John P.; Fujii, Masahiko; Hood, Raleigh R.; McGillicuddy, Dennis J.; Moore, J. Keith; Schartau, Markus; Spitz, Yvette H.; Wiggert, Jerry D. (American Geophysical Union, 2007-08-02)
      Application of biogeochemical models to the study of marine ecosystems is pervasive, yet objective quantification of these models' performance is rare. Here, 12 lower trophic level models of varying complexity are objectively ...