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  • Sarkar, Indra Neil; Schenk, Ryan; Norton, Cathy N. (BioMed Central, 2008-05-13)
    Authority and year information have been attached to taxonomic names since Linnaean times. The systematic structure of taxonomic nomenclature facilitates the ability to develop tools that can be used to explore historical ...
  • Miller, Holly; Norton, Cathy N.; Sarkar, Indra Neil (BioMed Central, 2009-06-09)
    GenBank(R) is a public repository of all publicly available molecular sequence data from a range of sources. In addition to relevant metadata (e.g., sequence description, source organism and taxonomy), publication information ...
  • Sarkar, Indra Neil; Schenk, Ryan; Miller, Holly; Norton, Cathy N. (American Medical Informatics Association, 2009-11-14)
    The identification of relevant literature from within large collections is often a challenging endeavor. In the context of indexed resources, such as MEDLINE, it has been shown that keywords from a controlled vocabulary ...
  • Leary, Patrick R.; Remsen, David P.; Norton, Cathy N.; Patterson, David J.; Sarkar, Indra Neil (Oxford University Press, 2007-03-28)
    Web content syndication through standard formats such as RSS and ATOM has become an increasingly popular mechanism for publishers, news sources, and blogs to disseminate regularly updated content. These standardized ...

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