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  • Notes on methods for the narcotization, killing, fixation, and preservation of marine organisms 

    Russell, Henry D. (Marine Biological Laboratory, 1963)
    From the Foreward: An important activity of the Systematics-Ecology Program is the preparation of a study collection of the marine organisms of the Cape Cod region. Preparation of animal specimens requires careful ...
  • Warm Core Ring Project 12-29 June, 1982 

    Phinney, David A.; Garside, Jean C.; Langton, Elizabeth W. (Bigelow Laboratory for Ocean Sciences, 1984-01)
    The main objective of the third warm core ring cruise was revisitation of ring 82-B and the surrounding water masses. Located off the Baltimore Canyon, 82-B continued to be \vell suited to the program. With activities ...
  • Warm Core Ring Project 17 Sept. - 7 Oct., 1981 

    Langton, Elizabeth W.; Phinney, David A. (Bigelow Laboratory for Ocean Sciences, 1983-02)
  • Warm Core Ring Project 19 April - 6 May, 1982 

    Phinney, David A.; Langton, Elizabeth W.; Garside, Jean C. (Bigelow Laboratory for Ocean Sciences, 1983-12)
    The second cruise of the Warm Core Rings program marks the beginning of an intensive season of field study. Again, our interests are primarily concerned with measuring the bio-optical properties of rings and surrounding ...