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    • Mapping the biosphere : exploring species to understand the origin, organization and sustainability of biodiversity 

      Wheeler, Q. D.; Knapp, Sandra; Stevenson, D. W.; Stevenson, J.; Blum, Stan D.; Boom, B.. M.; Borisy, Gary G.; Buizer, J. L.; De Carvalho, M. R.; Cibrian, A.; Donoghue, M. J.; Doyle, V.; Gerson, E. M.; Graham, C. H.; Graves, P.; Graves, Sara J.; Guralnick, Robert P.; Hamilton, A. L.; Hanken, J.; Law, W.; Lipscomb, D. L.; Lovejoy, T. E.; Miller, Holly; Miller, J. S.; Naeem, Shahid; Novacek, M. J.; Page, L. M.; Platnick, N. I.; Porter-Morgan, H.; Raven, Peter H.; Solis, M. A.; Valdecasas, A. G.; Van Der Leeuw, S.; Vasco, A.; Vermeulen, N.; Vogel, J.; Walls, R. L.; Wilson, E. O.; Woolley, J. B. (Taylor & Francis, 2012-03-27)
      The time is ripe for a comprehensive mission to explore and document Earth's species. This calls for a campaign to educate and inspire the next generation of professional and citizen species explorers, investments in ...
    • MARC and ARC: geospatially enabling bibliographic records. 

      Haas, Stephanie; Aufmuth, Joe; Coleman, David; Uhlinger, Eleanor (IAMSLIC, 2003)
    • Marine catalog of specimens home page at MBL. 

      Norton, Cathy N. (IAMSLIC, 1996)
    • Marine fouling and its prevention ; prepared for Bureau of Ships, Navy Dept. 

      Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution; United States. Navy Dept. Bureau of Ships (United States Naval Institute, 1952)
      From the Preface: This monograph is the outcome of investigations made by the staff of the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution for the Bureau of Ships, Navy Department, during the years 1940-1946. Although rapid ...
    • The MBLWHOI Library Digital Herbarium 

      deVeer, Joseph M.; Stout, Amy; Rioux, Margaret A. (IAMSLIC, 2004)
    • MBLWHOI Library Report January 1, 2014- December 31, 2014 

      Walton, Jennifer (MBLWHOI Library, 2015)
    • Methods for obtaining and handling marine eggs and embryos 

      Costello, Donald P.; Henley, Catherine (Marine Biological Laboratory, 1971)
      From the Preface: The Introduction to the first edition of this book (1957) (see page viii) stated that the volume was admittedly incomplete, and that new methods for obtaining, handling and studying marine eggs and ...
    • A model for Bioinformatics training : the Marine Biological Laboratory 

      Yamashita, Grant; Miller, Holly; Goddard, Anthony; Norton, Cathy N. (2010-08-04)
      Many areas of science such as biology, medicine, and oceanography are becoming increasingly data-rich and most programs that train scientists do not address informatics techniques or technologies that are necessary for ...
    • Money: where is it? 

      Norton, Cathy N. (IAMSLIC, 1990)
    • No Repository is an Island: Putting the WHOAS community repository in a geoscience context [poster] 

      Mickle, Audrey (E-Science Symposium, University of Massachusetts Medical School, 2016-04-06)
      The MBLWHOI Library is partner in the NSF-funded EarthCube building block, GeoLink, whose goal is to push the boundaries of semantic technology in cross-repository discovery within the geosciences field. GeoLink has created ...
    • Notes on methods for the narcotization, killing, fixation, and preservation of marine organisms 

      Russell, Henry D. (Marine Biological Laboratory, 1963)
      From the Foreward: An important activity of the Systematics-Ecology Program is the preparation of a study collection of the marine organisms of the Cape Cod region. Preparation of animal specimens requires careful ...
    • Ocean data publication cookbook 

      Leadbetter, Adam; Raymond, Lisa; Chandler, Cynthia L.; Pikula, Linda; Pissierssens, Peter; Urban, Ed (UNESCO, 2013)
      Executive summary: This “Cookbook” has been written for data managers and librarians who are interested in assigning a permanent identifier to a dataset for the purposes of publishing that dataset online and for the citation ...
    • Oceanography : its scope, problems, and economic importance 

      Bigelow, Henry Bryant (Houghton Mifflin Company, 1931)
      From the Foreward: This book is part of a report submitted to the National Academy of Sciences by its Committee on Oceanography appointed in accordance with the following resolution voted on April 27, 1927: 'That the ...
    • On the pulmonary toxicity of oxygen : III. The induction of oxygen dependency by oxygen use 

      Shanklin, D. Radford (2010-05)
      Oxygen is central to the development of neonatal lung injury. The increase in oxygen exposure of the neonatal lung during the onset of extrauterine air breathing is an order of magnitude, from a range of 10-12 to 110-120 ...
    • On the pulmonary toxicity of oxygen. 4. The thyroid arena 

      Shanklin, D. Radford (2011-11)
      Normally developed thyroid function is critical to the transition from fetal to neonatal life with the onset of independent thermoregulation, the most conspicuous of the many ways in which thyroid secretions act throughout ...
    • On the pulmonary toxicity of oxygen. 5. Electronic structure and the paramagnetic property of oxygen 

      Shanklin, D. Radford (2012-06-01)
      Oxygen uptake by the pulmonary circulation is a chemical reaction. The physicochemical attributesof oxygen are critical when studying pulmonary oxygen toxicity. Extent of lung injury depends onthe percentage of oxygen in ...
    • Open access to science content : a view from the "Hole" 

      Devenish, Ann (2006-04-06)
      This presentation looked at the Woods Hole Open Access Server, WHOAS, an institutional repository. Built on the DSpace platform and hosted by the MBLWHOI Library, the mission of WHOAS is to digitally capture, communicate, ...
    • Participant perceptions of the influences of the NLM-sponsored Woods Hole Medical Informatics Course 

      Patel, Vimla L.; Branch, Timothy; Cimino, Andria; Norton, Cathy N.; Cimino, James J. (2005-01-21)
      This paper provides an evaluation of the NLM-sponsored Woods Hole Medical Informatics course and the extent to which the objectives of the program are achieved. Two studies were conducted to examine the participants’ ...
    • Pilot projects for publishing and citing ocean data 

      Urban, Ed; Leadbetter, Adam; Moncoiffe, Gwenaelle; Pissierssens, Peter; Raymond, Lisa; Pikula, Linda (American Geophysical Union, 2012-10-23)
      In the ocean sciences, a project was started in 2008 to bring together scientists, data managers, and library experts to explore means to (1) increase the submission of data to data centers, (2) make data more accessible ...
    • Placental hypervascularity does not cause perinatal brain injury 

      Shanklin, D. Radford; Shokouh-Amiri, M. (2011-04-27)
      Dizygotic twins at 38 weeks with separate placentas: twin A, a 2479 gram female, was healthy after vaginal delivery. Five minutes later when the amnion of twin B was ruptured artificially, the cord prolapsed and could not ...