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    • Dataset to DOI using SWORD [poster] 

      Devenish, Ann; Chandler, Cynthia L.; Dorsk, Alexander; Raymond, Lisa; Work, Tobias (2012-03-12)
      This poster describes the tools and processes by which datasets are deposited in an institutional repository (IR) and digital object identifiers (DOI) are acquired. The Marine Biological Laboratory/Woods Hole Oceanographic ...
    • Development of a Bachelor of Science in Toxicology Program at a Liberal Arts College 

      Zamule, Stephanie (Journal of Toxicological Education, 2013)
      Nazareth College, an independent, primarily undergraduate institution serving approximately 2,900 students, has recently developed a bachelor of science in toxicology program designed to prepare students for entry into ...
    • Development of an Animal Models Systems Laboratory: for Undergraduate Students 

      McGinnis, Courtney; Priscilla, Encarnacao (, 2014)
      Students will work in groups through learner-centered instruction to design and carry out experiments using one of four model systems listed: Drosophila melanogaster (Fruit Fly), Caenorhabditis elgans (Roundworm), Dugesia ...
    • The development of the frog's egg : an introduction to experimental embryology 

      Morgan, Thomas Hunt (Macmillan Company, 1897)
      From the Preface: The development of the frog's egg was first made known through the studies of Swammerdam, Spallanzani, Rusconi, and von Baer. Their work laid the basis for all later research. More recently the experiments ...
    • Digital libraries, archives and large data sets 

      McCray, Alexa T. (2004-06-03)
      PowerPoint slides for a presentation given at Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution under the auspices of the MBLWHOI Library on June 3, 2004
    • Dinoflagellate contributions to the deep sea 

      Dale, Barrie; Dale, Amy L. (Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, 1992)
      For the first time, sediment trap samples from several depths in the deep sea were analyzed to estimate both the types and amounts of mineral contributed by dinoflagellates to the deep sea sediment flux. Thecal remains ...
    • A DSpace institutional repository : WHOAS 

      Devenish, Ann (2006-06-08)
      This presentation looked at the implementation of a DSpace institutonal respository for the Woods Hole (Massachusetts) science community, including description of content recruitment techniques.
    • The embryology of Crepidula : a contribution to the cell lineage and early development of some marine gasteropods 

      Conklin, Edwin Grant (Ginn & Company, 1897)
      From the introduction: The purpose of the following work from its inception has been to make as careful a study as possible of the cleavage of the ovum, the formation of the germinal layers and definitive organs, and ...
    • The Encyclopedia of Life, Biodiversity Heritage Library, biodiversity informatics and beyond Web 2.0 

      Norton, Cathy N. (Great Cities Initiative of the University of Illinois at Chicago Library, 2008-08-04)
      E.O. Wilson, the noted entomologist at Harvard, "wished" for an authoritative encyclopedia of life that would be freely available on the worldwide web for the entire world. On 9 May 2007, The Encyclopedia of Life (EOL) was ...
    • Envisioning the future of science libraries at academic research institutions : a discussion 

      Feltes, Carol; Gibson, Donna S.; Miller, Holly; Norton, Cathy N.; Pollock, Ludmila (2012-12-20)
      A group of librarians, other information professionals, scientists and research administrators met to discuss the challenges that research libraries are currently facing. After the meeting a survey was conducted to obtain ...
    • Evaluation of local tolerance of a plant extract by the slug mucosal irritation (SMI) assay 

      Veryser, Lieselotte; Lenoir, Joke; Boonen, Jente; Bracke, Nathalie; Wynendaele, Evelien; Adriaens, Els; Nelis, Hans; De Wever, Bram; Remon, Jean-Paul; De Spiegeleer, Bart (, 2015-01)
      This article describes the performance of a laboratory exercise, the Slug Mucosal Irritation (SMI) assay, carried out by third year undergraduate students, to investigate the local tolerance of an ethanolic plant extract. ...
    • Exploring historical trends using taxonomic name metadata 

      Sarkar, Indra Neil; Schenk, Ryan; Norton, Cathy N. (BioMed Central, 2008-05-13)
      Authority and year information have been attached to taxonomic names since Linnaean times. The systematic structure of taxonomic nomenclature facilitates the ability to develop tools that can be used to explore historical ...
    • Facilitating open exchange of data and information 

      Gallagher, James; Orcutt, John A.; Simpson, Pauline; Wright, Dawn J.; Pearlman, Jay; Raymond, Lisa (2014-09-22)
      By broad consensus, Open Data presents great value. However, beyond that simple statement, there are a number of complex, and sometimes contentious, issues that the science community must address. In this review, we ...
    • The fate of the ocean 

      Whitty, Julia (Foundation for National Progress, 2006-03)
      Our oceans are under attack, and approaching a point of no return. Can we survive if the seas go silent?
    • GenBank and PubMed : how connected are they? 

      Miller, Holly; Norton, Cathy N.; Sarkar, Indra Neil (BioMed Central, 2009-06-09)
      GenBank(R) is a public repository of all publicly available molecular sequence data from a range of sources. In addition to relevant metadata (e.g., sequence description, source organism and taxonomy), publication information ...
    • Getting Started with Data Management & DMPTool at WHOI 

      Mickle, Audrey (2017-01-25)
      Introduction to DMP Tool for WHOI staff given on January 26th, 2017. Presentation adapted from
    • A global, myosin light chain kinase-dependent increase in myosin II contractility accompanies the metaphase–anaphase transition in sea urchin eggs 

      Lucero, Amy; Stack, Christianna; Bresnick, Anne R.; Shuster, Charles B. (American Society for Cell Biology, 2006-07-12)
      Myosin II is the force-generating motor for cytokinesis, and although it is accepted that myosin contractility is greatest at the cell equator, the temporal and spatial cues that direct equatorial contractility are not ...
    • A guide to laboratory use of the squid Loligo pealei 

      Arnold, John M.; Summers, William C.; Gilbert, Daniel L.; Manalis, Richard S.; Daw, Nigel W.; Lasek, Raymond J. (Marine Biological Laboratory, 1974)
      From the Preface: Unfortunately, a guide like this one does not happen simply. It is the product of polite requests (at first polite, anyway) from colleagues, of mutual nagging, and of wives with persistant memories. ...
    • Historical perspecitive on lead biokinetic models 

      Rabinowitz, Michael (National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences, 1998-12)
      A historical review of the development of biokinetic model of lead is presented. Biokinetics is interpreted narrowly to mean only physiologic processes happening within the body. Proceeding chronologically, for each epoch, ...