Preliminary cruise report ATLANTIS II - cruise 8 : International Indian Ocean Expedition, July 5, 1963 - December 20, 1963

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Miller, Arthur R.
Risebrough, Robert W.
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Indian Ocean
Red Sea
Arabian Sea
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International Indian Ocean Expedition (1960-1965)
Atlantis II (Ship : 1963-) Cruise AII8
Hydrographic surveying
Marine meteorology
ATLANTIS II was delivered to the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution on January 31, 1963. After some short cruises she left Woods Hole on July 5 to participate in the International Indian Ocean Expedition, her first major effort of long duration since her delivery. Eight was a strict test of the capabilities , endurance, Cruise facilities and comfort for which she was designed. The investigations in the Indian Ocean were per haps unique among other cruises of the Exped~t ion in that full coverage of the Arabian Sea was obtained during the Southwest Monsoon in August and September. Further coverage to the south was obtained in October and November where southeast winds were predominant. Inclusion of the Red Sea as part of the Expedition, the total number of hydrographic stations completed during this portion of the cruise was 193, consisting of observations more or less at standard depths to the bottom. These observations, together with various meteorological measurements and chemical analyses are being processed and evaluated, Geophysical observations such as bathymetry and magnetometer results are also being processed along with the navigational positions from the VLF Navigation System.
Originally issued as Reference No. 64-11, series later renamed WHOI-.
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Miller, A. R., & Risebrough, R. W. (1963). Preliminary cruise report ATLANTIS II - cruise 8: International Indian Ocean Expedition, July 5, 1963 - December 20, 1963. Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution.
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