Two decibar-averaged CTD profiles from the Hawaii Ocean Time-Series cruises from 1988-2016 (HOT project)

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North Pacific Subtropical Gyre; 22 deg 45 min N, 158 deg W
westlimit: -158.8575; southlimit: 21.2283; eastlimit: -157.4567; northlimit: 23.4375
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HOT CTD data are collected using a SeaBird CTD 9-11 (9-11 Plus with dual sensors as of HOT-54) at the maximum sampling rate of 24 samples per second (24 Hz). They are screened for errors and processed to 2-dbar averages. The majority of the sampling effort, approximately 60-72 h per standard HOT cruise, is spent at Station ALOHA. High vertical resolution environmental data are collected with a Sea-Bird CTD having external temperature (T), conductivity (C), dissolved oxygen (DO) and fluorescence (F) sensors and an internal pressure (P) sensor. A Sea-Bird 24-place carousel and an aluminum rosette that is capable of supporting 24 12-L PVC bottles are used to obtain water samples from desired depths. The CTD and rosette are deployed on a 3-conductor cable allowing for real-time display of data and for tripping the bottles at specific depths of interest. For a complete list of measurements, refer to the full dataset description in the supplemental file 'Dataset_description.pdf'. The most current version of this dataset is available at:
Dataset: CTD Profiles
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