Identification of generic study areas for the disposal of low level radioactive waste : western North Atlantic Ocean

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Hollister, Charles D.
Bunce, Elizabeth T.
Chandler, Richard S.
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Radioactive wastes
Waste disposal in the ocean
There is a growing need to effectively dispose of the low level radioactive waste presently accumulating in the United States. It may be decided to "dump" radioactive contamination products onto the deep sea floor (within 200 miles of the U.S.) in accordance with present IAEA guidelines (see Appendix A) for ocean dumping of low level waste; in the event of such a decision suitable areas must be identified and carefully studied to determine the subsequent influence of the waste on the environment. Using the site suitability criteria mentioned above we have identified two areas of possible use for low level waste disposal, one north of Puerto Rico and one east of Cape Hatteras, as deserving further study. The following report describes the relevant physical and geological characteristics of these two areas that may be important in considering a dumping operation. We have also made some recommendations for confirmatory research. The Hatteras Abyssal Plain, lying close to the 200 mile limit, appears to be a viable region for the focus of future research efforts.
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Hollister, C. D., Bunce, E. T., & Chandler, R. S. (1979). Identification of generic study areas for the disposal of low level radioactive waste: western North Atlantic Ocean. Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution.
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