Developmental Biology Course Photo in 1982

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Faculty and students in the 1982 Developmental Biology Course at the Marine Biological Laboratory in Woods Hole, MA
One multi-image tiff file comprised of four images and four jpeg images.
DevelopmentalBioCourse_1982-1.jpeg: Black and white group photo of the Developmental Biology course in 1982. Nineteen people posing inside of the Loeb building.
DevelopmentalBioCourse_1982-2.jpeg: Back of group photo with "Marine Biological Laboratory Public Relations Office Woods Hole, MA 02543" stamped and "Developmental Biology Course January 1982" handwritten in the center.
DevelopmentalBioCourse_1982-3.jpeg: Handwritten roster with "Developmental Biology Jan 82" written for the title and "Back row: Ke Edds, Vivian Bryant, Herbert Kelly, Jeff Teichmann, John Henson, Faith Berry, Cindy Will, Hank Daum, Kimberly Johnson, Willie Melvin. Middle Row: Kim Tice, Holen Kane, Laura Hamilton, Rhonda Hazell, Patto Dugan. Front Row: Judy Venuti-Henderson, Barbara Dobrinsky, Tom Trott, Ellen Vopicka.
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