Single-fluorophore orientation determination with multiview polarized illumination : modeling and microscope design

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Chandler, Talon
Mehta, Shalin B.
Shroff, Hari
Oldenbourg, Rudolf
La Riviere, Patrick J.
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We investigate the use of polarized illumination in multiview microscopes for determining the orientation of single-molecule fluorescence transition dipoles. First, we relate the orientation of single dipoles to measurable intensities in multiview microscopes and develop an information-theoretic metric—the solid-angle uncertainty—to compare the ability of multiview microscopes to estimate the orientation of single dipoles. Next, we compare a broad class of microscopes using this metric—single- and dual-view microscopes with varying illumination polarization, illumination numerical aperture (NA), detection NA, obliquity, asymmetry, and exposure. We find that multi-view microscopes can measure all dipole orientations, while the orientations measurable with single-view microscopes is halved because of symmetries in the detection process. We also find that choosing a small illumination NA and a large detection NA are good design choices, that multiview microscopes can benefit from oblique illumination and detection, and that asymmetric NA microscopes can benefit from exposure asymmetry.
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Optics Express 25 (2017): 31309-31325
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