John P. Trinkaus Embryology Course Notebook II from 1939

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John P Trinkaus' MBL Embryology Course Notes, Notebook II, 1939. Complete Notebook II
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Trinkaus Collection, MBL Archives
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The second notebook of lecture and laboratory notes that John P. Trinkaus took during his time as a student in the Embryology Course in 1939.
The following lectures are covered (Titles taken from the 1939 Embryology Course book): "Fertilization." by D. P. Costello (pgs. 1-7); "Some effects of centrifugal force on the eggs of Asterias and Nereis." by D. P. Costello (pgs. 7-11); "Cell lineage and spiral cleavage." by D. P. Costello (pgs. 12-15); "Experimental studies on the pigmentation of birds." by Mary E. Rawles (pgs. 16-18); "Development of Annelida." by V. Hamburger (pgs. 19-27); "Experiments on Amphibian reproduction." by Roberts Rugh (pgs. 28-29); Unknown lecture by V. Hamburger (pgs. 30-31); "Experimental Embryology of Annelida and Mollusca." by V. Hamburger (pgs. 32-39); "The Potencies of regenerating tissue." by O. Schotte (pgs. 40-43); "The Embryology of Crustacea" by D. P. Costello (pgs. 44-51); "Microscopic Observation of certain embryological Processes in the living adult Mammal." by E. R. Clark (pg. 52); "Polarity problems in Coelenterate Development." by W. W. Ballard (pgs. 53-57); "Genes and Cytoplasm." by A. H. Sturtevant (pgs. 58-60); "General Embryology of Tunicates." by W. W. Ballard (pgs. 61-67); "Ascidian Metamorphosis." by Caswell Grave (pgs. 68-71), "Research Lecture." by V. Hamburger (pg. 72)--this lecture is not listed in the 1939 Embryology Course Book.
Cover + 72 pages of notes (including many diagrams)
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