Microbial Diversity: Marine Biological Laboratory 2019 Final Reports

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Archie, Elizabeth
Ascensao, Joao
Baubin, Capucine
Bennett, Anna
Bonitatibus, Sheila
Brown, Malory O.
Depetris, Anna
Díaz-Díaz, Lymarie M.
Eshel, Adi
Fogarty, Emily
Junger, Pedro
Osopale, Babasola Adewunmi
Quiñones-Olvera, Natalia
Saladi, Shyam
Sandfeld, Tobias
Schroer, William F.
Starcevich, Hannah
van der Graaf, Lot
Villarreal, Alex
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"Same Game, Different Players: Tannin-degrading Bacterial Consorita Differ Across Microhabitats" in Cedar Swamp by Elizabeth Archie
"A First Look at a Novel Association Between a Filamentous Cyanobacteria and a Diatom" by Joao Ascensao
"First Look into the Skin Microbial Community of the Okinawa Bobtail Squid (Euprymna berryi)" by Capucine Baubin
"Sulfur Cycling and Aggregate Formation in Trunk River "Lemonade" Blooms" by Anna Bennett
"solation and Characterization of Methanotrophic Communities from Cedar Swamp" by Sheila Bonitatibus
"Investigating the Potential for Sterol Biosynthesis in Demosponge Bacterial Symbionts through Filipin Imaging" by Malory O. Brown
"Responses to Drought and Rewetting in Cyanobacteria Mats from Little Sippewissett" by Anna Depetris
"Finding the Fun[gus] in the Sea [Anemones]" by Lymarie M. Diaz-Diaz
"The Interaction Between Bacteria and Fungi as a Defense from Phage Infection" by Adi Eshel
"Similarity in Surface Communities of Cyanobacteria Suggests Selection for Specific Symbionts" by Emily Fogarty
"The Pink Side of the Sand: Anoxygenic Phototrophic Bacteria Coping with High Oxygen Levels in Little Sippewissett Salt Marsh (Falmouth, MA)" by Pedro Junger
"Prospecting for Antimicrobial-producing Actinomycetes in Soils and Aquatic Environments around Woods Hole" by Babasola Adewunmi Osopale
"Sequencing the Integrative Mobilome of Trunk River" by Natalia Quiones-Olvera
"Profiling the Eukaryotes of Little Sippewissett Salt March" by Shyam Saladi
"Gut Microbiome of the Atlantic Horseshoe Crab (Limulus polyphemus)" by Tobias Sandfeld
"Targeted Phage Disruption of a Model Estuarine Community" by William F. Schroer
"Viral Interactions with the Pink Berry Aggregates of the Sippewissett Salt Marshes" by Hannah Starcevich
"Microbial Reduction and Disproportionation of Elemental Sulfur in the Sediments and Pink Berries of the Great Sippewissett Salt Marsh, Falmouth (MA, USA)" by Lot van der Graaf
"Identification of Putative Fast-Moving Vacuolar Volutin Granules in the Marine Yeast Scheffersomyces spartinae" by Alex Villarreal
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