Coastal mixing and optics moored array experiment

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Ocean-atmosphere interaction
Numerical weather forecasting
Coastal Mixing and Optics (CMO) Experiment
This 5 CDROM set contains in-situ and numerical weather prediction model data collected during the Coastal Mixing and Optics (CMO) Experiment. These data were analyzed in a manuscript entitled "Evaluation of NCEP regional numerical weather prediction model surface fields over the Middle Atlantic Bight" which can be found in Postscript format on CDROM 1 in the "paper" directory. Three NWP models (the early Eta, meso Eta and RUC-1) were evaluated using in-situ meteorological observations and air-sea flux estimates from the central CMO buoy and six NDBC buoys. Based on these evaluations, gridded air-sea flux fields for use in the CMO experiment were generated from the meso Eta model surface fields. Both the original and adjusted meso Eta model surface fields can be found in this CDROM set. CDROM 1 contains all of the in-situ measurements as well as the model data extracted at each of the moored buoys. CDROM 1 also contains the AVHRR 14 km SST analysis from NCEP, the GCIP incoming surface shortwave product, plots of the 0, 3, 6 and 9 hour adjusted meso Eta forecasts for both the meteorology and air-sea fluxes and two QuickTime animations of the adjusted meso Eta model fields. CDROMs 2 and 3 contain the meso Eta model surface data acquired from NCEP archives and reformatted from GRIB to NetCDF. CDROMs 4 and 5 contain the CMO air-sea flux fields derived from the meso Eta surface fields. The source code of the program used to generate the CMO flux fields is in the "code" directory on CDROM 1.
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