Navigation for the Derbyshire Phase2 Survey

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Lerner, Steven A.
Yoerger, Dana R.
Crook, Tom
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25°48'N, 133°28'E
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Derbyshire (ship)
Underwater navigation
Jason (remotely operated vehicle)
Argo (towed vehicle)
DSL 120
In 1997, the Deep Submergence Operations Group of the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution conducted an underwater forensic survey of the UK bulk-carrier MV Derbyshire with a suite of underwater vehicles. This report describes the navigation systems and methodologies used to precisely position the vessel and vehicles. Precise navigation permits the survey team to control the path of the subsea vehicle in order to execute the survey plan, provides the ability to return to specific targets, and allows the assessment team to correlate observations made at different times from different vehicles. In this report, we summarize the techniques used to locate Argo as well as the repeatability of those navigation fixes. To determine repeatability, we selected a number of instances where the vehicle lines crossed. By registering two images from overlapping areas on different tracklines, we can determine the true position offset. By comparing the position offset derived from the images to the offsets obtained from navigation, we can determine the navigation error. The average error for 123 points across a single tie line was 3.1 meters, the average error for a more scattered selection of 18 points was 1.9 meters.
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Lerner, S., Yoerger, D., & Crook, T. (1999). Navigation for the Derbyshire Phase2 Survey. Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution.
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