Cruise report Chain 112, legs I and II : 6 March - 5 April 1973

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Heinmiller, Robert H.
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Mid-Ocean Dynamics Experiment (MODE)
Deep-sea moorings
Ocean currents
The W.H.O.I. portion of the MODE I array was to be installed on the first two legs of CHAIN 112, along with other work to be done at Site D. The original schedule called for the ship to leave Woods Hole on the 6th of March and return on the 20th. After a two-day layover in Woods Hole, Leg II was scheduled for 22 March through 2 April, terminating in Bermuda. Objectives of the cruises were: Setting of sixteen intermediate moorings and one surface mooring at the MODE Site (centered at 28° N., 69° 40'W.). Recovery of two MODE-Site maintenance moorings. Recovery of three intermediate moorings in the vicinity of Site D (39° 10'N., 70°00'W.). Setting of three new intermediate moorings at Site D. These were to be set by a faking-box technique, rather than the conventional method. CTDs at each new mooring. Bathymetry and meteorological observations. Gravity section, Woods Hole to MODE area and return
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Heinmiller, R. H. (1973). Cruise report Chain 112, legs I and II: 6 March - 5 April 1973. Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution.
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