Site synthesis report of DSPP sites 417 and 418

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Swift, Stephen A.
Bolmer, S. Thompson
Stephen, Ralph A.
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25°06.63'N, 68°02.48'W
Western North Atlantic
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Deep Sea Drilling Project
Drill cores
This document summarizes information relevent to planning, execution, and interpretation of results from a study of the interaction of sound in the 2-30Hz band with deep ocean seafloor using sea-surface sources, seafloor receivers, and borehole seismometers emplaced by wireline re-entry at Deep Sea Drilling Project sites 417 and 418 in the western North Atlantic. We summarize published scientific results from borehole sampling of water, sediment, and rock, from wire line logging, and from borehole seismic experiments. We present new results from analysis of total power recorded by receivers clamped in basement during the borehole seismic experiment on DSDP Leg 102. We document non-drilling investigations of the site and the nature and location of re-entry cones and transponders. We describe the physical oceanography of the region and the speed of sound in water. We provide an extensive bibliography on published results from scientific investigations at 417/418. This document was completed prior to 1989 surveys of sites 417 and 418.
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Swift, S. A., Bolmer, S. T., & Stephen, R. A. (1989). Site synthesis report of DSPP sites 417 and 418. Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution.
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