Labeled MBL Trustees on August 9, 1932

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Sepia MBL Trustees on August 9, 1932
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Black and white photo of the Marine Biological Laboratory Trustees on August 9, 1932. Twentynine men and one woman posing in front of the Lillie Building.
Top: F.P. Knowlton Syracuse, Robert Chambers New York Univ., Charles Packard Columbia, I. F. Lewis Virginia, E. R. Clark Pennsylvania, Caswell Grave Wahinton U., Otto Claser Amherst, R. S. Lillie Chicago. Middle: M. Metcalf, A.G. Redfield Harvard, C. R. Stockard Cornell Medical, M. H. Jacobs Pennsylvania, M. J. Greenman Wistar Institute, H. H. Donaldson Wistar Institute, W. B. scott Princeton, L.L. Wooodruff Yale, H. B. Goodrich Wesleyan, D. H. Tennent, Dryn Mawr, A.P.Mathews Univ. Cincinnati, F. Schrader Columbia. Front: E. G. Conklin Princeton, T. H. Morgan Calif. Inst. Tech., W. M. Wheeler Harvard, G. H. Parker Harvard, G. N. Calkins (Secretary) Columbia, Frank R. Lillie (President) Chicago, W. E. Garrey Vanderbilt, L. V. Heilbrunn Univ. Pennsylvania, Cornelia M. Clapp Mt. Holyoke College"
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