Comparative Pathology Course Photograph 1981

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Faculty and students in the 1981 Comparative Pathology of Marine Invertebrates course at the Marine Biological Laboratory in Woods Hole, MA
One multi-image tiff file comprised of six images and six jpeg images.
COMPPATH_1981-1.jpeg: Black and white group photo of the Comparative Pathology course in 1981. Twenty people shown.
COMPPATH_1981-2.jpeg: Back of group photo. "Comp Path 1981" is handwritten in the upper left hand side.
COMPPATH_1981-3.jpeg: A washed out copy of the group photo with hand written numbers 1-20 drawn over faces to designate identity. In the upper right hand corner is "comparative pathology Jan 81" handwrittien.
COMPPATH_1981-5.jpeg: Handwritten list of people featured in the class photo. Title "Comp Path. Of Mar Invert" followed by a numbered list "1. Ron Landy, 2. Scott Klinersmith, 3. Ann Fontaine, 4. Kay Gilles, 5. Ken Anderson, 6.Keith Cooper, 7. Pei Wen Chang, 8. Betsy Bang, 9. Carol Reinisch, 10. Leslie Leonard, 11. Fred Bang, 12. Ralph Kilston, 13. Jerry McCormick-Ray, 14. Austin Farley, 15. MaryAnn Maniglia, 16. Barry Silverman, 17. Reiner Koelle, 18. George Shiflet, 19. Clifton Spears, 20. Al Rock"
COMPPATH_1981-6.jpeg: back of scrap paper. Front page of paper the numbered list was written upon. The following is typed "Marine Biological Laboratory, Woods Hole-Massachusetts-025430(617)548-3705,Comparative Pathology of Marine Invertebrates, Janurary 1981, Janurary 16,1981 B.C. Bang, Higher Invertebrates to Vertebrates, I. Annelids segmentation, II. Echinoderms tube feet, III. Arthropods specializations, IV. Molluscs specialized mucus, V. Invertebrate Chordates tunicates amphioxus, VI. Vertebrates mucocilliary adaptatioms to life on land"
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