Narrative of Chain cruise #43 : February - August 1964

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Knott, Sydney T.
Bunce, Elizabeth T.
Bowin, Carl O.
Hersey, J. B.
Chase, R. L.
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Mediterranean Sea
Red Sea
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International Indian Ocean Expedition (1960-1965)
Chain (Ship : 1958-) Cruise CH43
On CHAIN Cruise 43, 15 February to 21 August 1964, geophysical and geological observations were made in the North Atlantic Ocean, the Mediterranean and Red Seas, and the Western part of the Indian Ocean, along the track Woods Hole - Ceuta (Spanish Africa) - La Spezia - Port Said - Aden - Victoria (Seychelles Islands) - Port Louis (Mauritius) - Victoria (Seychelles Islands) - Port Said - Beirut - La Spezia - Monaco - Plymouth (England) - Woods Hole. This report contains (1) a narrative of the cruise, (2) a list of stations, (3) statements of the scientific objectives of the cruise, (4) a summary of the geological and geophysical observations, (5) end-of-cruise reports on equipment and some phases of the research program, and (6) a selection of bottom photographs. WHOI Ref. No. 64-51 contains a detailed navigational plot of the entire cruise, including soundings and the locations of other observations.
Originally issued as Reference No. 65-9, series later renamed WHOI-.
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Knott, S. T., Bunce, E. T., Bowin, C. O., Hersey, J. B., & Chase, R. L. (1965). Narrative of Chain cruise #43: February - August 1964. Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution.
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