Strategies for Providing Access to Information No Matter the Location, Technological Access, and Patron: A case for Malawi

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Salanje, Geoffrey Francis
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Malawi, science, information, technolo
Malawi has a number of researchers located in various scientific institutions throughout the country who use information available in different formats. Apart from these researchers, the country has also scholars, policy makers, teachers, extension workers and farmers who seek information for various usages. Some of the uses of the information are literature review, teaching and learning, extension, planning, decision making, access to markets for farm produces and community education. Providing access to relevant information involve a number of players such as librarians, communication and information experts and broadcasters. Access to the information must be timely and in the right format considering that there is now advanced technology. The paper therefore talks of the various ways of accessing relevant information in Malawi, taking into consideration the available technology and the location of the information users. The paper also outlines the challenges faced by those involved in providing the needed information.
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