Animals on the Move and Deep‐Sea Vents: Dataset for Spherical Display Systems

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Larval dispersal
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This educational package was developed to engage live audiences with datasets displayed on spherical display systems, in particular NOAA’s Science On a Sphere® (SOS; The playlist was designed to show how different animal species - from birds in the air to tubeworms in the deep sea - migrate or disperse to new locations as part of the dynamics and resilience of animal populations on Earth. Datasets are selected to align with the Next Generation Science Standard (NGSS) LS2.C: Ecosystem Dynamics, Functioning, and Resilience. This package includes Version 1 of an SOS Live Program “Animals on the Move: Stories of Migration Over Land and Dispersal Under Sea” that was developed for the Buttonwood Park Zoo in New Bedford, MA, in a project led by the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution. The datasets in the playlist are relevant to this specific partnership. To help tailor a live program to other local audiences, we provide supplemental documents to aid the selection of datasets aligned with the NGSS. This package also includes Version 2 of NOAA SOS datasets “Deep-Sea Vent Discoveries” and “Deep-Sea Vent Locations”. Locations are provided for all known deep-sea vent fields that were confirmed active by observations at the seafloor at depths greater than 200 m, as of year 2016. The Version 2 Discoveries dataset has the same data as Version 1 for years 1977 - 2005, revised data for 2006 - 2011, and new data for 2012 - 2016. The total number of active confirmed vent fields at water depths > 200 m as of year 2016 was 241, i.e., 28 more than in the previous NOAA SOS datasets (16 discovered in 2012 - 2016, and 12 discovered 2011 or earlier but not in previous NOAA SOS datasets).
This zipped file, “”, contains educational materials and datasets produced for spherical display systems. The zipped file contains 2 main folders: Animals_on_the_Move_ver1 as Version 1 of new content prepared for NOAA’s Science on a Sphere®, and vent_discoveries_pngs_updated_to_2016 as Version 2 of global datasets contained within Global Viewport to Deep‐Sea Vents: Dataset for Spherical Display Systems, DOI:10.1575/1912/6867. The unzipped contents are 785 MB, with a total of 100 files in 32 folders.
This educational package, “”, is Copyright ©2019 Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution. Deep-sea vent discoveries and locations were derived from the InterRidge Vents Database Version 3.4 (; thus, a subset of the materials in this package – specifically, the global datasets that have the filenames "vent_YYYY.png" in which YYYY is the year – is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution‐Noncommercial‐ ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License (CC BY‐NC‐SA 3.0;‐ncsa/ 3.0/). For images and mp4 files that we provided to accompany the Live Program, please see full credits and licensing in the Dataset Description document.
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