Bay of Bengal intraseasonal oscillations and the 2018 monsoon onset Shroyer, Emily L. Tandon, Amit Sengupta, Debasis Fernando, Harindra J. S. Lucas, Andrew J. Farrar, J. Thomas Chattopadhyay, Rajib de Szoeke, Simon P. Flatau, Maria Rydbeck, Adam Wijesekera, Hemantha W. McPhaden, Michael J. Seo, Hyodae Subramanian, Aneesh C. Venkatesan, Ramasamy Joseph, Jossia K. Ramsundaram, S. Gordon, Arnold L. Bohman, Shannon M. Pérez, Jaynise Simoes-Sousa, Iury T. Jayne, Steven R. Todd, Robert E. Bhat, G. S. Lankhorst, Matthias Schlosser, Tamara L. Adams, Katherine Jinadasa, S. U. P. Mathur, Manikandan Mohapatra, Mrutyunjay Rama Rao, E. Pattabhi Sahai, Atul Kumar Sharma, Rashmi Lee, Craig Rainville, Luc Cherian, Deepak A. Cullen, Kerstin Centurioni, Luca R. Hormann, Verena MacKinnon, Jennifer A. Send, Uwe Anutaliya, Arachaporn Waterhouse, Amy F. Black, Garrett S. Dehart, Jeremy A. Woods, Kaitlyn M. Creegan, Edward Levy, Gad Kantha, Lakshmi Subrahmanyam, Bulusu 2022-02-15T22:26:40Z 2022-04-01T06:22:14Z 2021-10-01
dc.description Author Posting. © American Meteorological Society, 2021. This article is posted here by permission of American Meteorological Society for personal use, not for redistribution. The definitive version was published in Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society 102(10), (2021): E1936–E1951, en_US
dc.description.abstract In the Bay of Bengal, the warm, dry boreal spring concludes with the onset of the summer monsoon and accompanying southwesterly winds, heavy rains, and variable air–sea fluxes. Here, we summarize the 2018 monsoon onset using observations collected through the multinational Monsoon Intraseasonal Oscillations in the Bay of Bengal (MISO-BoB) program between the United States, India, and Sri Lanka. MISO-BoB aims to improve understanding of monsoon intraseasonal variability, and the 2018 field effort captured the coupled air–sea response during a transition from active-to-break conditions in the central BoB. The active phase of the ∼20-day research cruise was characterized by warm sea surface temperature (SST > 30°C), cold atmospheric outflows with intermittent heavy rainfall, and increasing winds (from 2 to 15 m s−1). Accumulated rainfall exceeded 200 mm with 90% of precipitation occurring during the first week. The following break period was both dry and clear, with persistent 10–12 m s−1 wind and evaporation of 0.2 mm h−1. The evolving environmental state included a deepening ocean mixed layer (from ∼20 to 50 m), cooling SST (by ∼1°C), and warming/drying of the lower to midtroposphere. Local atmospheric development was consistent with phasing of the large-scale intraseasonal oscillation. The upper ocean stores significant heat in the BoB, enough to maintain SST above 29°C despite cooling by surface fluxes and ocean mixing. Comparison with reanalysis indicates biases in air–sea fluxes, which may be related to overly cool prescribed SST. Resolution of such biases offers a path toward improved forecasting of transition periods in the monsoon. en_US
dc.description.embargo 2022-04-01 en_US
dc.description.sponsorship This work was supported through the U.S. Office of Naval Research’s Departmental Research Initiative: Monsoon Intraseasonal Oscillations in the Bay of Bengal, the Indian Ministry of Earth Science’s Ocean Mixing and Monsoons Program, and the Sri Lankan National Aquatic Resources Research and Development Agency. We thank the Captain and crew of the R/V Thompson for their help in data collection. Surface atmospheric fields included fluxes were quality controlled and processed by the Boundary Layer Observations and Processes Team within the NOAA Physical Sciences Laboratory. Forecast analysis was completed by India Meteorological Department. Drone image was taken by Shreyas Kamat with annotations by Gualtiero Spiro Jaeger. We also recognize the numerous researchers who supported cruise- and land-based measurements. This work represents Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory contribution number 8503, and PMEL contribution number 5193. en_US
dc.identifier.citation Shroyer, E., Tandon, A., Sengupta, D., Fernando, H. J. S., Lucas, A. J., Farrar, J. T., Chattopadhyay, R., de Szoeke, S., Flatau, M., Rydbeck, A., Wijesekera, H., McPhaden, M., Seo, H., Subramanian, A., Venkatesan, R., Joseph, J., Ramsundaram, S., Gordon, A. L., Bohman, S. M., Pérez, J., Simoes-Sousa, I. T., Jayne, S. R., Todd, R. E., Bhat, G. S., Lankhorst, M., Schlosser, T., Adams, K., Jinadasa, S. U. P., Mathur, M., Mohapatra, M., Rama Rao, E. P., Sahai, A. K., Sharma, R., Lee, C., Rainville, L., Cherian, D., Cullen, K., Centurioni, L. R., Hormann, V., MacKinnon, J., Send, U., Anutaliya, A., Waterhouse, A., Black, G. S., Dehart, J. A., Woods, K. M., Creegan, E., Levy, G., Kantha, L. H., & Subrahmanyam, B. (2021). Bay of Bengal intraseasonal oscillations and the 2018 monsoon onset. Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society, 102(10), E1936–E1951. en_US
dc.identifier.doi 10.1175/BAMS-D-20-0113.1
dc.publisher American Meteorological Society en_US
dc.subject Atmosphere-ocean interaction en_US
dc.subject Monsoons en_US
dc.subject In situ atmospheric observations en_US
dc.subject In situ oceanic observations en_US
dc.title Bay of Bengal intraseasonal oscillations and the 2018 monsoon onset en_US
dc.type Article en_US
dspace.entity.type Publication
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