Microbial Diversity: Marine Biological Laboratory 2010 Final Reports

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Campbell, Kate
Hall, Edward K.
Henriksen, James R.
Irizarry, Ivelisse
Jaekel, Ulrike
Kelly, Libusha
Li, Meng
Ling, Alison
Melton, Emily D.
Meredith, Laura
Singer, Esther
Sharon, Gil
Wang, Harris H.
Wilbanks, Elizabeth G.
Humphrey, Parris T.
Moraru, Cristina
Ward, Rebekah
Orphan, Victoria J.
Williams, David
Xu, Yan
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"A bioelectrical system (BES) for enriching Fe(III)-reducing bacteria" by Kate Campbell
"The effect of carbon subsidies on planktonic niche partitioning and recruitment of bacteria to marine biofilms" by Edward K. Hall
"The utilization of varying wavelengths of light by cultured and environmental cyanobacteria" by James R. Henriksen
"Diversity of endophytes in various plants from Woods Hole, MA" by Ivelisse Irizarry
"Microbial degradation of chlorophyll" by Ulrike Jaekel
"Microbial community stability in anoxic sediments under conditions of shifting salinity, oxygen, and sulfate" by Libusha Kelly
"Using the geneFISH to detect archaeal amoA genes in microbial mats and biofilms" by Meng Li
"Characterization and sequencing of Pseudoaltermonas spp. phage from Eel Pond (aka fun with phage)" by Alison Ling
"SOB gradient tubes" by Emily D. Melton
"Substrate exchange within the anabaena-epibiont association: Does H2 dirve symbiosis?" by Laura Meredith
"Secondary metabolite production by Streptomycetes in situ and in vivo" by Gil Sharon (1)
"FISH - a method for FISHing bacteriophage host" by Gil Sharon (2)
"The many talents of many-celled magnetotactic bacteria" by Esther Singer
"DNA subsistence, natural competency, and horizontal gene transfer in marine and soil organisms in the environment" by Harris H. Wang
"Eco-physiology of macroscopic pink and green bacterial consortia of the mighty Little Sippewissett Salt Marsh" by Elizabeth G. Wilbanks, Parris T. Humphrey, Ulrike Jaekel, Cristina Moraru, Rebekah Ward, and Victoria J. Orphan
"Niche separation in methanol consuming bacteria isolated from trees and plants" by David Williams
"Stable isotope probing of DNA in methanotrophs in soil" by Yan Xu
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