Microbial Diversity: Marine Biological Laboratory 2018 Final Reports

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Alexiev, Alexandra
Arrington, Eleanor
Bertolet, Brittni
Campbell, Danielle
Chappell, Callie
Chong, Grace
Gajigan, Andrian
Graham, Elaina
Hai, Yang
Lai, Peggy
Lanpher, Kaycie
Lynch, Shannon
McCallum, Monica
Plata, Germán
Rizk, Sandra
Schwenck, Sarah
Tucker, Sarah
Urtecho, Guillaume
Vargas-Muñiz , José M.
Weissman, Jake
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"A Tale of Two Coral Microbes: How motility and quorum sensing may play a role in competition between Vibrio species" by Alexandra Alexiev
"Polymicrobial sulfur cycling among enrichments of purple sulfur bacteria and sulfate reducing bacteria" by Eleanor Arrington
"Characterization of hydrogenotrophic methanogenic Archaea enriched from Trunk River" by Brittni Bertolet
"Searching for novel giant viruses in the unexplored protist hosts Corallomyxa tenera and Oxyrrhis marina" by Danielle Campbell
"Disentangling the genetic basis of structural color in iridescent Tenacibaculum spp." by Callie Chappell
"Characterization of Salt Pond, Falmouth, MA: Its residents and their habitat" by Grace Chong
"An attempt to enrich for mesophilic archaea and associated viruses" by Andrian Gajigan
"Efforts towards a pure culture of a Vorticella sp. from Cedar Swamp" by Elaina Graham
"Microbial Diversity of the northern star coral, Astrangia poculata, II" by Yang Hai
"The effect of hyperoxia on marine microbial community composition, growth, and biofilm formation" by Peggy Lai
"A multi-variant investigation into the role of exopolysaccharide structures in Pseudomonas baetica" by Kaycie Lanpher
"The effect of different nutritional resources on gram-negative bacterial communities isolated from marine environments" by Shannon Lynch
"Imaging the Microbial Community of the Marine Sponge Clathria prolifera" by Monica McCallum
"Physiology of enrichment cultures: stimulation of the nitrogen cycle in sediments from the Salt Pond" by Germán Plata
"Directed Evolution Towards Detergent Tolerance" by Sandra Rizk
"What happened to my lemonade? A look into bloom dynamics at Trunk River" by Sarah Schwenck
"One nuclei at a time: FISHing and staining to understand chromosome composition and nuclear activity in the rhizarian Corallomyxa tenera" by Sarah Tucker
Untitled Report by Guillaume Urtecho
"Characterization of anaerobic eukaryotic communities from Cedar Swamp and Trunk River anaerobic sediments" by José M. Vargas-Muñiz
"Experimental Evolution and Characterization of the Infection Dynamics of a Novel Pseudoalteromonas Phage" by Jake Weissman
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