Signal direction-of-arrival and amplitude estimation for multiple-row bathymetric sidescan sonars

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Xu, Wen
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Underwater acoustics
Signal processing
In practical applications with bathymetric sidescan sonars, the multipath reflections and other directional interferences are the key limiting factors for a better performance. This thesis proposes a new scheme to deal with the interferences using a multiple-row bathymetric sidescan sonar. Instead of smoothing the measurements over some time or angle intervals, which was previously widely investigated, we resolve the multipath interferences from the direct signal. Two approaches on signal direction-of-arrival DOA and amplitude estimation are developed, the correlated signal direction estimate CSDE for three-row systems and the ESPRIT-based method. These approaches are compared using different sonar data models, including a stochastic model from the statistical analysis on bottom scattering and a coherent model from the analysis on interference field; the simulations show the ESPRIT-based approach is quite robust at the angular separation of 100 between two sources and at the signal-to-noise ratio above 10dB except for highly coherent or temporally correlated signals, for which CSDE works very well. The computer simulation results and the discussions on practical algorithm implementation indicate the proposed scheme can be applied to a real multiple-row bathymetric sidescan sonar. With the capability to simultaneously resolve two or more directional signals, the new sonar model should work better for a wider variety of practical situations in shallow water with out significant increase of the system cost.
Submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of Master of Science at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution February 1998
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Xu, W. (1998). Signal direction-of-arrival and amplitude estimation for multiple-row bathymetric sidescan sonars [Master's thesis, Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution]. Woods Hole Open Access Server.
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