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Saildrone: adaptively sampling the marine environment

2020-06-01 , Gentemann, Chelle L. , Scott, Joel P. , Mazzini, Piero L. F. , Pianca, Cassia , Akella, Santha , Minnett, Peter J. , Cornillon, Peter , Fox-Kemper, Baylor , Cetinić, Ivona , Chin, T. Mike , Gomez-Valdes, Jose , Vazquez-Cuervo, Jorge , Tsontos, Vardis , Yu, Lisan , Jenkins, Richard , De Halleux, Sebastien , Peacock, David , Cohen, Nora

From 11 April to 11 June 2018 a new type of ocean observing platform, the Saildrone surface vehicle, collected data on a round-trip, 60-day cruise from San Francisco Bay, down the U.S. and Mexican coast to Guadalupe Island. The cruise track was selected to optimize the science team’s validation and science objectives. The validation objectives include establishing the accuracy of these new measurements. The scientific objectives include validation of satellite-derived fluxes, sea surface temperatures, and wind vectors and studies of upwelling dynamics, river plumes, air–sea interactions including frontal regions, and diurnal warming regions. On this deployment, the Saildrone carried 16 atmospheric and oceanographic sensors. Future planned cruises (with open data policies) are focused on improving our understanding of air–sea fluxes in the Arctic Ocean and around North Brazil Current rings.