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  • Thesis
    Multichannel maximum entropy method of spectral analysis applied to offshore structures
    (Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, 1981-06) Briggs, Michael Jeffrey
    The multichannel Maximum Entropy Method (MEM) of spectral analysis is developed and applied in the dynamic analysis of offshore structures. Two different algorithms are implemented and compared with the conventional Blackman-Tukey method. These are (1) a direct on the data or Burg method and (2) a Yule-Walker or correlation function extension method. Cross-spectral estimates of magnitude, phase, coherence squared, and transfer function are calculated. These estimates are then used in mode shape identification of a triple decked, single caisson offshore platform. The superiority of the multichannel Maximum Entropy Methods relative to conventional spectral analysis techniques in calculating these cross-spectral estimates and evaluating mode shapes is demonstrated.